Welcome to Fairfield Anesthesia Associates, LLC

Fairfield Anesthesia's physicians are committed to excellence in anesthesia care as well as providing professional and timely consultant services to our surgical colleagues and healthcare partners. FAA is comprised of only Board-Certified anesthesiologist physicians with extensive experience in adult and pediatric anesthesia for all surgical specialties. All anesthesia care is provided directly by one of our experienced anesthesiologists and not through the supervision of nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) or other healthcare extenders. As a practice, FAA has administered more than 100,000 successful anesthetics over the past 10 years, all in the free-standing ambulatory surgical setting.

FAA positions itself as a "boutique" anesthesiology practice dedicated to providing high quality, patient-centric medical care and outstanding customer service tailored to the unique requirements of patients in the ambulatory surgical setting. Our specialization in this area has allowed us to achieve "best-in-class" results in terms of quality and patient satisfaction. Since FAA's founding in 1986, our mission has remained consistent:

"To provide the highest quality ambulatory anesthesia care in the safest and most efficient manner"